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The Los Angeles Opera is the fourth-largest opera company in the United States. Many performing arts organizations grappled with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic by looking into digital as a way to share content with their audiences.

The LA Opera Marketing and Communications team looked to Mission Amplified to create a strategic roadmap, implement processes to improve the website, and grow the online audience. We worked with the team to launch a digital audit where we looked at the overarching marketing and communications goals, identified user personas and evaluated technology platforms, analytics and provided recommendations and opportunities for improvement. Alongside their development team, we helped implement their digital strategies and served as a digital advisor for user experience and technology enhancements on the website.

LA Opera’s vision is to provide access to opera to residents of Los Angeles and beyond. This can be achieved by delivering a seamless user experience to drive digital content engagement, ticket sales for both in-person and virtual programming. Supported by an organized information architecture, simplified e-commerce transaction process as well as a user interface design that reflects LA Opera’s sophisticated audiences.

Conducted a Discovery Process

Mission Amplified worked with the LA Opera’s Marketing and Communications team to look at the overall digital landscape, determine digital product goals and identify opportunities to improve processes in product management and digital platform development. With this, we embarked on a series of stakeholder interviews, comparator analyses, search engine optimization scans, and web analytics assessments.

Persona Development

Mission Amplified recommended a list of personas to keep in mind when developing online content. These personas range in engagement probability as well as aligned with the organization’s communications efforts. We’ve also determined the most and least likely groups to convert down the engagement pipeline as well as an emphasis on the following activities:

  • Digital Engagement and Revenue Generation: Drive revenue and digital engagement through LA Opera main stage (tickets), LA Opera On Now (paid digital content) and the new LA Opera Live.
  • Balancing Opera Access and Cultivating Existing Fans: Make Opera accessible to more people by driving new traffic to the website and build engagement with new audiences; at the same time cultivating avid Opera fans.
  • Increase Content Engagement: Encourage content discovery by ensuring optimal information architecture to surface hidden content.

Web Development Process

Mission Amplified provided a custom agile workflow for the LA Opera team to streamline their development process. In addition to the recommendations around process, we looked at clarifying roles & responsibilities and also adjusting stand-ups and check-ins to enhance communication and accountability.